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One Hundred Thousand Years Later

 'One Hundred Thousand Years Later' is a simulation of a world where time is in reversal. In this world of reverse archeology, one gets further into the future while excavating deeper into to the the sediments. Inch by inch, year by year, the future reveals itself in found artefacts. As the traces of the future humankind get erased, fragmented and replaced by a new language and aesthetics of computers, the question is what is our inheritance? What are the genes, traits and mechanisms of function that are transferred forward? What are the elements of our legacy?

 The places and artefacts created take a look into our possible futures and realities, what our post human future entails. The digital worlds have been realized utilizing various technologies (photogrammetry, AI and game engines) and the resulting hallucinated and metaphysical landscapes created, collide the real with the virtual. The vistas and artefacts blur the lines between human and machine agency, the reading of the images and places collapse and eventually all that is left is pure form. 

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